U17 regional tournament 17/18 july 2010

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played for the south east team over the weekend :) not that much court time but i did my best!! staying overnight in the hotel in nottingham was pretty awesome tbh. was slightly scary when the england basketball coach came and gave us a lecture on what he wants to see if you want to get into the england team.

WE CAME THIRD!! bronze medals, yeah boi. everyone played so well xo

london is pretty awesome

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me and my friend lizzie went to london :) went to the zoo, regent’s park, oxford street.. only got lost once, and didn’t get raped or mugged or pickpocketed. score. oh, and giraffes are cool.

so, i’ve made this new blog..

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and i’m not that sure how to use it. it was the same with facebook when i first got it. and bebo. and piczo. ahh, the past.